Forums and Meeting Places

We’re often asked for info on Pumping Forums and Meeting Places. So here are a few of our favourites:


The following forums are a useful resource for pumping and enlargement related issues, whatever your sexual orientation.

Newart Pumping Forum

Matter of Size




Meeting People:

Monstermeat holds a regular event for well-endowed men  at The Boots, a gay men’s fetish bar in Antwerp, Belgium.

Pumperworld is a resource, meeting place and they hold regular pumping weekends for gay guys in Palm Springs, California, USA

Pumppig is a contact site for guys into guys who pump


If you can think of other places we should be linking to, then please let us know via our contact pages. We cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of any of these links, but at the time of posting they are correct. Not surprisingly, we won’t link to sites that are run or sponsored by our competitors.


2 comments on “Forums and Meeting Places

  1. Kevin Gurney on

    hi steven, just a quickie to say the cylinders you sent are great and also the metal pump gun,..have to say thickwall cylinders are the very best.,i know the are a few makes of cylinders /pumps around buy guys /gals if your looking for products that are well crafted and get great results then use Thickwall Cylinders you wont to disappointed. I am on the website LPSG, kjthepumper…one thing id like to ask about is website newart pumping forum.ive tried so many time to register but have a problem with the password section.god knows why,lol..there is no more I can do. I tried again this afternoon but still this problem .ive sent emails but to no joy?? just wondered if any1 else has had these problems.once again thanks for the equipment…….kevin gurney

    • Steven Lunniss on

      Hi Kevin, Thanks for the kind comments. I’ve had this problem, too. I can only suggest that maybe you try refreshing the browser or clearing your cookies your browser but that’s only a guess! Steve


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