Getting the right size of Rosebud Cylinder

The sizing of rosebud cylinders is more about getting a seal against your body rather than how big a dildo you can take.  Where there is a significant crack in your as cheeks or where someone has a particularly pert ass, they may not be able to get a larger cylinder to fit against them I suggest using an appropriately sized circular object (but not glass!) to  demonstrate this.
Have you seen the advice on the rosebud page?
As for the probe, some people say that the probe helps create the rosebud an others say the exact opposite. For me personally, I just like the feeling of the probe which gets my ass in the right mood. So, I tend to think is a personal preference thing!
Have a read of the rosebud page and come back if you need more advice. If you are unsure, go for a smaller size as the 2.25” tends to fit almost everyone and the 2.5” fits most people.

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