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EU Customers still pay NO CUSTOMS CHARGES

We have had a lot of enquiries from customers in the EU as to what will happen IF the UK leaves the UK. Some people have also asked if customs charges are already introduced. Thickwall Cylinders loves our European customers: you helped the company survive the financial crisis of 2008 and beyond. Any changes to Customs… Read more »

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Our shipping is ALWAYS discreet

All our parcels are utterly discreet. Not only is the return label from an address not mentioned on our website and with no name on it to identify the source. If we have to make a customs declaration (for orders outside the EU), it will say something like “Machined acrylic parts”. So your privacy is entirely… Read more »

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It’s easy to order from Europe, the USA, Canada, or beyond!

You can use our currency converter to convert to major currencies. This will show you a live  exchange rate for your purchase. You actual purchase will be made in UK currency but will be automatically changed into your local currency by Paypal or your Credit Card. Some cards will charge a small fee (usually about 2-3%… Read more »

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New Long Jonny Style Cylinder

Our NEW Long Jonny Style Cylinder is a super comfortable way to pump for those who want to work on length whilst pumping the full package.  It gives you a great sensation when pumping both cock and balls at the same time. The comfort seal ensures a great seal for pumping and also gives a… Read more »

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Improved two stage cylinder for cock & balls

New improved two stage cylinder

How can we make our two stage cylinder for cock and balls better? I am always looking out for a way to improve our products and our service. For some time we have been selling a seal for those customers using our larger cylinders, who found them a little uncomfortable on the pelvic bone. These… Read more »

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Watch out for our new bi-polar e-stim vacuum pumps

e-stim vacuum

Our new range of bi-polar e-stim vacuum pump cylinders for your cock, nipples and rosebud are ready. These a have  connections for a 3.5 mm audio jack and are for use with standard e-stim control boxes Check them out HERE!

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Made in Great Britain

Made in Britain

All our cylinders are made here in our own small workshop on the North Norfolk coast in the United Kingdom  and we give a 12 month guarantee on all our cylinders.

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