It’s easy to order from Europe, the USA, Canada, or beyond!


  • You can use our currency converter to convert to major currencies. This will show you a live  exchange rate for your purchase. You actual purchase will be made in UK currency but will be automatically changed into your local currency by Paypal or your Credit Card. Some cards will charge a small fee (usually about 2-3% of the total bill) for a foreign currency purchase.
  • Occasionally, US and Canadian cards may want to know in advance that you are using the card for a foreign purchase.  If the card you are using is not working with our system, try using Paypal or call your card company and ask for the restriction on foreign transactions to be lifted. They will happily life the restriction for a few hours.
  • Sadly, owing to the problems with reliable shipping, we cannot ship to Russia.
  • Shipping to the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand is either via our new value tracked airmail option or UPS. The tracked airmail is very effective, and is great for anyone on a budget but it does take about 7-10 days. UPS is usually 2-4 days.
  • Orders within the European Union will not attract import taxes. Orders to the US less than $800 US will not attract customs fees.
  • Purchases going to Canada valued over $20 and to Australia over $175 may attract duties. You are less likely to be charged duties if you use airmail and not UPS. Go figure!??! If your order is an expensive item do a quick google search for “import duties”.
  • By law, we have to give a true value on the customs declaration. We also have to declare what’s inside, so we say “machined acrylic parts”.  It’s true and they don’t need to know any more, do they?

Usually, everything goes very smoothly with no tax payable.  It just is not quite as quick as purchasing from your own country. If you have any queries or concerns, then please do contact us.

And your purchase will still get our wonderful 12 month guarantee on cylinders and 3 months on pumps. You won’t find that anywhere else! So VISIT OUR SHOP NOW!

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