Our Commitment to the Environment

Thickwall Cylinders is very conscious that we only have one planet, that resources are limited and that they come at a huge cost to our natural world and ultimately humankind.

Whilst our products are acrylic plastic, they are used many multiples of times during their life, meaning that they only go into waste at the end of their lifetime. They also lock up their carbon in the material, so unless it is burned, that carbon doesn’t go into the atmosphere and contribute to local warming.

We try to use only recycled products in our packaging and we re-use incoming packaging wherever possible. Approximately 95% of all our waste materials go to recycling and we aim to increase this. We would ask our customers to re-use or recycle the packaging resonsibly.

We don’t have control over our electricity supply but approximately 50% comes from renewables. We ensure that we off-set our carbon impact by using a certified carbon offset scheme. This scheme supports reforestation in Kenya and plants native 48 trees yearly . We already work with two carbon neutral shipping companies and we will, where possible, encourage our suppliers and shipping companies to be more environmentally responsible. We will consider the environment in all purchasing activities.

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