Get the right size for your penis pump cylinder

Please note: Our tube diameters are measured in millimetres. The size given in inches is the nearest equivalent. Please measure carefully and if you have any questions ask before placing an order. For hygiene reasons, once cylinders have been used, they cannot be returned unless they have a manufacturing fault.

Standard Penis Enlargement Cylinders

If you want to pump just your cock, measure by wrapping string or dressmakers tape around the base of the shaft of your cock when erect. Divide that length by 3.142 and the result will be the diameter of your cylinder. If you choose the next nearest diameter larger it allows for expansion.

Use the form to quickly calculate your required diameter. Input the circumference and then click in the grey box for the result, or just click the up down/arrows for the value you want.

  • Enter the circumference of your cock/cock and balls. You can use inches or centimetres, just stick to the same scale when ordering your cylinder.
  • This is the precise diameter. You'll need to add room for expansion, so call us if you're unsure.
  • Enter your email address and we'll be happy to contact you with advice before your purchase!

Example in imperial measurements:

If you measured 5.5″ :

5.5″ / 3.142 = 1.75″ diameter

You would need a 2″ cylinder.

If you measured 6″ :

6″ / 3.142 = 1.9″ diameter

You would need a 2 1/4″ cylinder because a 2″ cylinder would not allow for expansion.

Example in metric measurements:

If you measured 140mm :

140mm / 3.142 = 45mm diameter

If you measured 150mm:

150mm / 3.142 = 47mm diameter

Don’t order a cylinder that is much larger than you require when starting out, as it will not work as well and you’ll either get fed up and give up, or you’ll end up buying another cylinder! Tube length should be at least 3 inches longer (75mm) than your measurement. So if you have measured 5″ (125mm) or 6″(150mm) long, get a 9″(230mm) long tube. If you have measured 8″(200mm) an 11″(280mm) or even 12″ (300mm) cylinder would be wise.

If you plan on using a standard cylinder for cock and balls, then use the above guide but grab your cock and balls in your hand and wrap the string or dressmakers tape around them.


Mushroom head enlargement cylinders

For the first stage diameter, follow the instructions for standard cylinders. MAKE SURE THAT THE FIRST LENGTH IS LONG ENOUGH. If you are unsure or cannot find the size you are looking for please contact us, or visit our bespoke and specials section for more information.

Two Stage Penis Enlargement Cylinders

Two stage cylinders are not as easy to measure as standard ones, but this guide below should help. Cup your erect cock and balls together. Measure by wrapping string or tape around both cock and balls. Calculate the diameter as above & this will give the approximate measurement for the 1st stage. The second stage in the current product range should then be big enough.

Make sure that that the entrance will be wide enough to get out of after pumping!!!

For any special requests or questions for standard or 2 stage cylinders, it would be better to email us to ensure you have the right cylinder! Our contact details can be found here.