Rosebud Pump Cylinders

Our rosebud cylinders are a specialty item for those of you into ass play and anal pumping. Just dunk it in some lube, pop it in and bloom! Particularly fun if you’ve been playing while! (If it’s your thing, you’ll know exactly what we mean!) And it looks great! Unlike some of our competitors, this toy is highly engineered and screwed and glued to help with durability…and following customer feedback (and some road testing!) we have now increased the probe length to 7 inches (18cm) so it protrudes 4 inches (10cm) from the cylinder and it really hits the spot! Ecstasy! We also have three sizes of probes including a mega 2″ wide one!

You should choose the width of your cylinder on the basis of whether you have a small (buy a 2 1/4 inch), average (buy a 2 1/2 inch) or large (buy 2 3/4 inch) boned pelvis. You will want to make sure that the cylinder opening will seal against your body. If you are in doubt, try with a similar sized jar! Please note: The external diameter is 12mm more than the internal diameter. If you cannot find the size you are looking for please contact us, or visit our bespoke and specials section for more information.

You can now have £8 off the Quality Pump with Gauge when you buy a Rosebud Pump Cylinder!

- outside the United Kingdom order by 17th December and select UPS shipping
- within the United Kingdom order before midday on 20th December and select DPD
All other orders will be despatched as soon as it is made. . We are only closed from 22nd to 26th December.

WE SHIP ACROSS THE GLOBE! All cylinders are hand finished to order and usually take 2-3 working days to make. Other items are sent out within 1-2 days. Please make sure you follow the advice on sizing on the MEASURING page on the menu above. All sizes are to the nearest 1/4 inch but metric sizes are exact. WE ARE ALWAYS HAPPY TO HELP IF YOU NEED SOME ADVICE!

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