Pump Connector

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Pump connector
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This is the pump connector which connects your tubing form your pump to our cylinder connectors.  It is designed to work in conjunction with our push /fit cylinder connectors. It is interchangeable with most quality brands except Mustang.

If you have purchased a pump from us, it will come with a tube and a pump connector included.

If you forgot to order this item for a cylinder you recently purchased for us AND this is the only item you need, please contact us so we can adjust the shipping charge for you.

3 reviews for Pump Connector

  1. Timff (verified owner)

    Great purchase as always . Very quick delivery and excellent price. Thanks Steve.

  2. Robert (verified owner)

    If you get one of the cylinders from this site I recommend getting one of these at the same time. They fit the cylinder connectors perfectly and will attach easily to your tubing without air leaks.

  3. altho1961 (verified owner)

    These fit very tightly and securely into the tubing and make attaching and detaching cylinders a snap – almost literally!

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