Bi-polar e-stim rosebud pump cylinder

WE SHIP ACROSS THE GLOBE! All cylinders are hand finished to order and usually take 2-3 working days to make. Please make sure you follow the advice on sizing on the MEASURING page on the menu above. All sizes are to the nearest 1/4 inch but metric sizes are exact. WE ARE ALWAYS HAPPY TO HELP IF YOU NEED SOME ADVICE!

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Now you can have the fun of e-stim with a rosebud pump! This item has two conductive strips for e-stim fun. Both are connected to a 3.5 audio jack. It looks great and is highly engineered and screwed and glued to help with durability. We also have three sizes of probes including a mega 2″ wide one!

You should choose the width of your cylinder on the basis of whether you have a small (buy a 2 1/4 inch), average (buy a 2 1/2 inch) or large (buy 2 3/4 inch) boned pelvis. You will want to make sure that the cylinder opening will seal against your body. If you are in doubt, try with a similar sized jar! Please note: The external diameter is 12mm more than the internal diameter. If you cannot find the size you are looking for please contact us, or visit our bespoke and specials section for more information.

You will need to purchase your own control box suitable for e-stim use, which are available from specialist retailers, who can help with adaptors if necessary.

1 review for Bi-polar e-stim rosebud pump cylinder

  1. David (verified owner)

    Man, oh man, oh man! I LOVE this Bi-polar e-stim rosebud pump cylinder!!

    I’ve been pumping for over 25 years so my toy box has its share of pumps, hoses, and tubes. Among them, a rosebud cylinder won at a pumpers weekend raffle years ago. It’s 6″ long, and 2 3/4″ wide. The open end sports an flat elliptical flange and a 1″ thick clear plastic 10″ pole is glued to the center of the cap’s inside face. Of course, the pole broke off a few years later.

    Even without the poll attached, the tube did its job. At least, that’s what I thought before I was introduced to Thickwall Cylinder’s Bi-Polar E-Stim Rosebud Pump Cylinder.

    My partner had played with friend’s non wired version of this tube and liked it so much that he ordered one up immediately: a 3″ diameter tube with a 2″ diameter post (‘cuz we’re pigs). Upon its arrival, I could see what got him so excited. This Thickwall Rosebud Cylinder screams TOP OF THE LINE. The outside tube wall is so thick, it doesn’t need a flange, extra lip, or anything else to ensure an airtight seal. Beautifully clear acrylic shows off this cylinder’s high quality manufacture. Even the post’s attachment to the inside cap face is boastfully re-inforced by the silver shaft of the solid metal cylinder connector.

    Poised on all fours, the mouth of my hole is sucked out and up into the tube while at the same time the solid 2″ center post sinks deeper inside me. The tube’s persistent pull of my outer ass ring into the acrylic encasement feels is like nothing I’d ever felt before. It’s a delicious sensation of stretch and smooth surface contact that doesn’t quit. Moments later, another sensation makes me swoon. I feel my first inner ring open up, slowly crest over the post head, and then greedily swallow it down, sending along waves of deep pleasure.

    I’d become curious about e-stim play a few months and gotten an intro kit that included a simple controller box, a silicon bi-polar butt plug, and some other accessories. I found I really liked most the sensations I got from that e-stim’ed butt plug. When I saw that Thickwall had wired up the Rosebud Pump Cylinder, I knew I had to have one.

    I did have concerns about how the e-stim wires were attached to the probe electrodes. How will I go about replacing the wires after they fail due to inevitable wear and tear? The pictures on the website didn’t give a clear view. Thankfully, any reservations I had dissolved the minute I lifted my new E-Stim Rosebud Cylinder from its package: The two wires are attached by gleaming screws into metal terminals positioned at opposite sides of the probe. Those terminals, in turn, are directly attached to the probe’s metal strips. A black elastic band anchors the cable to cap of the tube taking stress away from the terminals. Perfect!

    I’ve had my e-stim tube only a few days and I’m still experimenting with what feels best – rhythmic persistant thumping or waves of tingling contraction. I can easily state that e-stim adds much more than just icing to this cake. Give me some time and I know I’ll have my hole in my Thickwall E-Stim Rosebud Cylinder and my cock & balls in another fat tube and I’ll be cuming hands free!

    E-stim pros will already expect this: This cylinder’s e-stim cable has a 3.5mm plug. Some controller boxes out there, like the one from that intro pack I bought, expect a 2.5mm plug. So check your box or be sure to have a mono 2.5mm post to 3.5mm jack adapter on hand when your Thickwall order arrives. Your greedy hole will thank you.

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