NEW Long Lasting Pumping Creme (473ml/16 fl oz)

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Pumping Creme is for those who want a lube that is more like oil but don’t want to ruin their acrylic based cylinders and seals. It  is imported from the USA and is MADE FROM VEGETABLE AND OTHER NATURAL INGREDIENTS! It’s specifically designed for your needs as a pumper. It will not break down in contact with water or your body, and has a long lasting lubricating quality.

The chemicals in most lubricants damage the materials much pumping equipment is made of: Acrylic plastics, vinyl seals, etc. Pump bodies get dull, yellow and develop crazing. The most common problem causing damage is petroleum or mineral bases.
This includes petroleum and silicone based lubes, baby oil and mineral oil as well as most hand lotions.  Many lubes list water as an ingredient but don’t let that fool you.  They may also include petroleum and mineral oils. Pumping Creme will not harm your pumping toys.

  • All vegetable base, all natural ingredients
  • NO petroleum ingredients
  • Will not to harm cast acrylic or  seals
  • Smooth, light, not greasy to use
  • Very small quantities required
  • Does not break down while pumping wet
  • Prevents water saturation of skin, helps prevent skin damage
  • Glycerin added for skin conditioning
  • Vitamin E added to promote skin health
  • Cleans off equipment quickly and easily with simple dish washing liquid
  • Wipes clean from skin with a paper towel
  • Residual skin softening effect

THIS PRODUCT IS NOT CONDOM SAFE, so if you intend to use a condom after pumping, you should use a water based lube.

As with all cosmetics, some people may find the ingredients cause irritation. If irritation persists, discontinue use. Do not use if you have any allergies to: olive oil, soy oil, cotton seed oil, safflower oil, glycerin or Tocophreol Acetate (Vitamin E).


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