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Nipple Pump Cylinders

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Our nipple pump cylinders (sold in pairs) will give you beautiful enlarged and sensitive nipples. They are suitable for both men and women and will add to your sexual pleasure.

Our nipple enlargement cylinders are expertly hand crafted out of acrylic, making them a very comfortable fit as well as being highly durable. You can pump both the nipple itself or the entire nipple including the areola (the pigmented area behind the actual nipple). Your size will spend on what you want to pump. For all but the longest tits, we recommend the 2″ long cylinders which are less likely to fall off or be knocked off whilst you are pumping! If you wear nipple jewllery, please consider these when sizing your cylinders.

If you cannot find the size you are looking for please contact us, or visit our special request section for more information on ordering different sizes of nipple pump cylinders and more!

Pumps are sold separately.

All our cylinders come with  push/fit connectors. You can disconnect from the pump and the cylinder will maintain the vacuum. Cylinders come with a cylinder connector, but if you are using your own pump you will need some hose and a pump connector. You can also use our Nipple Connectors. These are not necessary for nipple cylinders, as they can be shut off from the pump separately, but they are fun. They are NOT suited well for the 1/2 ” (bullet) nipple cylinders, a they tend to pull them off.

PLEASE NOTE: The 1/2 inch nipple cylinder is the only cylinder in our range no made of cast acrylic. It is  made of extruded acrylic, has a thin wall of 3mm. This is due to the limitations at this tube size.

26 reviews for Nipple Pump Cylinders

  1. lawry (verified owner)

    Every bloke should have these, gotten the most awesome nipples thro regular use of the 2cm diameter tubes,

  2. MD (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase from Thickwall.co.uk and I am ever so pleased.

    The service is fautless: prompt and professional.
    The nipple cylinders were dispatched within 2 working days of placing my order and arrived within 2 days of the dispatch date. They were securely packaged.

    Needless to say, I tried them as soon as received. THEY ARE FUN! If you are into nipples, you won’t be disappointed! Pumping sensation is awesome; nips look well tasty; and once the cylinder is off, there’s more tit to play with :)))

    Thank you Steve for another great toy!

  3. G

    these guys made me a set of 2 stage nipple cylinders just like the 2 stage cock and balls cylinders they sent me and I use daily.. Special order, unbelievable. My nipples are over 4 inches long now and the heads on my nipples are wider than the shaft…..the best. Gonna order a bigger set soon.

  4. Illy (verified owner)

    Got 1 1/4 X 3 inch, very professional service. Best product I have ever used, can not get enough. My nipples are monster size, thanks to Thickwall Cylinders.
    Definitely will be back to order some other products. Thanks.

  5. Scarlet

    my first purchase from Thickwall, It wont be my last, Brilliant speedy service cant recommend them enough

  6. Roger (verified owner)

    Got a bigger set for my nips. Love the feeling when got these on

  7. Sweep (verified owner)

    this was my first purchase from Thickwall. Excellent speedy service. The product is robust and works a treat. I’ll definitely order again. Cheers.

  8. 1A_Frankfurter

    Ich habe schon längere Zeit die Nippel-Zylinder mit Durchmesser 1 inch / 2,8 cm Durchmesser und 2 1/2 inch / 6,5 cm lang. Beide Nippel sind bei mir gerpierct. Generell sind meine Nippel “hotwired” zum Schwanz. Ich pumpe sehr lange und mit hohem Druck (500mm Hg / 20in Hg vac).

    Die Zylinder sitzen ausgezeichnet, Manchmal brauche ich die Nippel nur etwas anfeuchten und das Vakuum bleibt lange erhalten. Das Gefühl während des Pumpens ist sehr geil. Nach dem Pumpen ist das Empfinden, aber auch die Schmerztoleranz viel größer als zuvor. Ein großer Vorteil der Thickwall-Zylinder ist die gerade Bauweise. Da kann ich auch Elastor-Gummiringe gut anlegen.
    Die Zylinder sind solide gebaut und mit spülen und trocknen nach dem Gebrauch noch fast wie neu.

  9. Pumper from Finland (verified owner)

    I bought a pair of 1,4 cm diameter nipple cylinders. After a couple of weeks testing I can tell the cylinders are working very well, they look and feel great and my results are really nice. The cylinders are well made and finished. The lenght of the cylinder is 4 cm which is a little bit too long – 2 or 2,5 cm would be enough at least for me. But I like the excellent quality and I will most definitely buy my next cock cylinder from Thickwall Cylinders, too! Thanks!

    • Steve Luniss

      Hi to our Finnish Pumper Friend!Thanks for your kind comments. We have to make the nipple cylinders this long to ensure there is room to get a decent vacuum. We have found making them any shorter means they don’t work as well. But we also know, having them too long can be a pain, as they get knocked off. This is why we make our cylinders at the 4 and 5 cm size. Most other manufacturers do not make different sizes and only do long ones.

  10. Bruno (verified owner)

    Quality, price, service, everything flawless.
    Got my nip pumps last week, just fantastic, feeling is amazing and I am on the way to have the big meaty nips I always dreamed of.

  11. Nigel (verified owner)

    Great service and a great product, superb quality and really good to use. Getting the best suction ever and my nips are loving it.

    Thank you!

  12. Frans (verified owner)

    My first purchase from Thickwall.
    Excellent product, great service and fast delivery.
    Thanks Steve.

  13. David Mole (verified owner)

    What can I say, the best pump cyclinders I have ever had. Excellent quality and extremely comfortable. In the past I’ve struggled with finding nipple cylinders that stay on once the pump has been disconnected. These bad boys not only stayed on but kept on sucking! I would recommend these to anyone from new starter to seasoned pro. Can’t wait to order other items. Keep up the good work.

  14. Wayne Reynolds (verified owner)

    This is my 5`th item the last being the Anal vacuum now the nipple vacuum. Everything has been A+++ in quality. I am ordering more after this. And that pump is the best.

  15. Porkyboy (verified owner)

    nips looking awesome……………

  16. Matt Phillips (verified owner)

    Over the past few years I’ve become a complete nipple pig, and these cylinders have been a big part of this journey. Not only do I have three standard sets ranging from 3/4 to 1 1/2” diameter, Steve recently made me a custom two stage set that I’m beginning to use regularly. The thick walls are super comfortable. They have a nice weight; the 2” length is easy to clean, and I’m psyched that after a couple years of pumping, I’m just shy of filling the length of the narrower tubes.

  17. altho1961 (verified owner)

    My second order (along with two other items – reviewed separately) included a pair of the 3/4 inch nipple pump cylinders. The quality is awesome and pull a very powerful vacuum, which does not abate once the pump is detached. However, they did suck in all of the areola and surrounding area, so my third most recent purchase was a pair of the 1/2 inch cylinders, which fitted just perfectly over the actual nipple area right up to the outer border of the areola. These give the perfect ‘bullet nipple’ effect after a short while of use. I shall be using both sets over time, 1/2″ followed by 3/4″, to really develop the whole nipple area. Excellent products and service.

  18. Porky (verified owner)

    added some bigger cylinders to my collection, I’ve been using my 1 1/4 x 2 cylinders for a couple of weeks and my pig nips are looking amazing, getting chewed everywhere I go…..

  19. smwestwood1966 (verified owner)

    I sought advice on buying my first set of nipple cylinders by going onto nippleplay.com and asking the advice of a very experienced guy called garden_party, I not only made a new friend because of it but I also got directed to Thickwall Cylinders after he told me they were the best. HE WAS RIGHT GUYS, just superb in every way and I could not be happier. I bought 3/4 inch ones at first but decided to build up to using those later so have just bought 1/2 inch ones which I REALLY recommend for any beginner who wants to initially make their nips longer rather than creating massively plumped out teats. Thickwalls, a great service and a great investment in something that feels too good and is too important to settle for second best.

  20. peter (verified owner)

    added the half inchers to my collection…my nipples are often a topic when shirtless. I love them and the men love them…

  21. Regor. (verified owner)

    Excellent service. A quality product that gives enhanced enjoyment. Nipples looking great.

  22. Tony (verified owner)

    Wow what a difference a good sturdy well made nipple cylinders make. Easy to use and great results in no time at all. I can recommend them and good service too.

  23. Guy (verified owner)

    My first purchase from Thickwall and I’m delighted. Very well-made product and prompt delivery – and nice people to deal with. My nipples are coming up a treat and I’ve fallen in love with them again! Widely admired too! I can hardly bear to take the tube off! I’ll be ordering again.

  24. G Clyde Allen

    I am one of those very very rare men that actually lactates and produces milk
    And due to the extensive use of several sets of these cylinders my nipples are each 2 1/4“ long and 1 1/4” Wide and can be pumped to a full 3 1/4 “ length and by using an extra wide set of cylinders my areoles are quite massive and round as well
    Due to these great cylinders and the fact that I pump daily for several hours my tits are insanely sensitive and because of my condition I need to be milked our daily .
    I also pump my cock, balls and ass lips for several hours each day and the results are quite impressive
    I requested a custom mushroom head cylinder which is amazing and within a few months I’ve developed a massive Bullfrog throat and have tripled the size of my foreskin
    My balls are huge and heavy and I’m on my way to developing massive ass lips
    These cylinders are the best and I’ve been very satisfied and have had great pleasure using them and I’m very proud of my results
    Thanks guys

  25. JB (verified owner)

    My first pair of Nipple Cylinders From Steve. Such a great product with amazing results. Highly recommended…JB, London

  26. Nigel Adey (verified owner)

    As a long term pumper I can happily say Thickwall produce the best quality cylinders around and the customer service is second to none. When anyone asks me how to get big nips I always recommend Thickwall Cylinders as they are very comfortable and can be worn for hours, day in day out.

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