Heavy Duty Metal Pump with Gauge

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Metal pump
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This heavy duty pump features a gauge, vacuum release, super-flexi tube and connector. This pump is a beast and built for rough environments. It’ll look great in a playroom setting or in groups where accidents might happen with a plastic pump.

This is the market leader, with a reputation for quality. It has a higher capacity than many pumps and the design is specifically designed for one handed pumping.

The pump comes with 80cm of our special super flexible silicone grade hose and a connector, so you can just connect to your cylinder and away you go!

Please be aware that this pump is heavy. it weighs 830 grams or 1.8 lbs.

6 reviews for Heavy Duty Metal Pump with Gauge

  1. Paul Hart (Harrendence)

    What an amazing bit of kit. Looks much better than the plastic alternatives and is better quality than the older style metal ones with the red handles & brass cylinders. I gave it to a friend to try. Upon picking it up his expression changed, the excitement on his face grew as he knew this was no ordinary pump. The weight, feel & metal finish looks more sexy than medical looking alternatives. You just know it’s going to be better than the one you already have.

  2. David M (verified owner)

    It was love at first sight. After continuously breaking my plastic pumps (through my own fault) I decided to try the heavy duty one. From the moment I opened the box i was in love. The look and feel of this pump is amazing. Heavy duty metal look and you can feel the quality. The pump action is smooth and you can just tell the difference. This pump will never let you down. Although it is heavier than the plastic ones, it’s not as heavy as I was expecting. I would recommend anyone goes straight for this rather than plastic. Enjoy!

  3. nathsou34000 (verified owner)

    Juste génial cette superbe pompe métallique.qu’en la regardant et ensuite a la porté,je n’est pas regretté mon achat.j’ai vu et senti de suite la qualité robuste de la pompe.elle est douce a manié et agréable.je suis ravi de mon achat.je le recommande vivement a choisir celle ci que du plastique.

  4. Brian M (verified owner)

    A very robust pump. I would recommend the metal version every time, despite the extra cost.

  5. David (verified owner)

    It ticks all the box’s. Heavy,but not too heavy and it packs a punch!
    Easy to pump out the largest tube and by looking at it you just know that it’s QUALITY and it’ll be around for a long time. Also,brilliant , fast delivery with help from S at Thickwall. Like the old saying…buy once buy good ! Thanks.

  6. tfx126 (verified owner)

    This is a really decent quality metal pump which can create pressure or vacuum.
    I really like the substantial feel this has in the hand along with the adjustable-angle vacuum/pressure gauge.
    I wish I had gone for one of these years ago instead of the plastic alternatives.

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