Plastic Pump with Gauge

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Pump with gauge and connections
(11 customer reviews)


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This pump features a gauge, vacuum release, super-flexi tube and connector.

This is the market leader, with a reputation for quality. It has a higher capacity than many pumps and the design is specifically designed for one handed pumping.

The pump comes with 80cm of our special super flexible silicone grade hose and a connector, so you can just connect to your cylinder and away you go!

11 reviews for Plastic Pump with Gauge

  1. Dave

    A good quality pump 🙂

  2. Mark (verified owner)

    This is a quality pump which is very durable and will last. The gauge is very responsive to vacuum pressure changes and the release pin allows for a very gentle letting off of vacuum pressure to the desired setting. Thoroughly recommend the purchase of this pump.

  3. Tony

    A well made pump, and is build to last! Great customer service, and quick comms!

  4. Dave Roberts (verified owner)

    Received my pump this morning and again excellent Delivery time from Thickwall. More than happy with the excellent quality build of this pump, will be using it this afternoon. This is my 4th purchase from Thickwall in the last 2 months and I cannot fault Steve in his help and advice on his items.

  5. Alan Jacobs (verified owner)

    This Pump works amazingly well , others of similar design take a lot of effort to get a result but this pump gets results effortlessly . like all Thickwall products I have bought they perform outstandingly

  6. N (verified owner)

    This is a better product than a heavy duty brass one I had that cost a lot more, also much better than the plastic ones – great control. It does have just a little bit of a squeaky noise in use, but it is an outstanding piece of kit and excellent value for money.

  7. dzleandro (verified owner)

    Robust and well finished pump, works properly holding the pressure like a charm, love it!

  8. Big Roy (verified owner)

    High quality pump – very durable. I am using this with water and it is remarkable how the pump behaves even under vacuum more than 10 inHg. Happened a few times that fluid got sucked into the pump. In these cases a lot of pressure can act on the piston. The pump however stayed intact. A lot of other pumps will not work for a long time. I guess that is because when using them at brake systems of a car you don’t need a lot of durability at all since the process is finished in just a few seconds.

  9. Dave Roberts (verified owner)

    This is the second pump I have purchased from Steve @ Thickwall Cylinders.Again excellent service and communication from Steve.

  10. Richard (verified owner)

    Excellent pump…..having struggled for years with an old pump this new one is a joy to use….simmple and very effective!

  11. andyblueass02 (verified owner)

    This is my first rosebud pump, the product is great and quality is excellent. I hope to reach big results, do you know what I mean? Lol… anyway, very nice product and the seller is always available for every request and doubt. Thanks Thickwall! xoxo everyone from Italy

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