Three Stage Cylinder

WE SHIP ACROSS THE GLOBE! All cylinders are hand finished to order and usually take 2-3 working days to make. Please make sure you follow the advice on sizing on the MEASURING page on the menu above. All sizes are to the nearest 1/4 inch but metric sizes are exact. WE ARE ALWAYS HAPPY TO HELP IF YOU NEED SOME ADVICE!

(6 customer reviews)

Our most popular special request! We are happy to work with you to find your ideal size.

6 reviews for Three Stage Cylinder

  1. Chris

    Looks impressive

  2. BigFFun

    amazing! Good Investment!

  3. Rex

    I would like to know the size and price you can do your 3 stage cylinder for. Looks impressive in the pic and might be just what I am after.

    • Steve Luniss

      Hi Rex,
      We make them ourselves in sizes up to 6 inch diameter. If you give us an idea using the contact page on the site, we can discuss options and prices.

  4. Darren Ings

    This pump looks amazing! I want one of these, but I know I’d get stuck in it! I’d love to know how the person that ordered this gets out at the end of a session.

    • Steve Luniss

      We always discuss sizing to ensure that the ratio is appropriate and that the customer will be able to get out!

  5. Marcus James

    Two-stage Pumping is the ultimate pump. Having been pumping for 10 years now and am addicted. Getting out is all about correct ratio sizing as Steve says, and the right lube – i find virgin coconut oil the best, but need to wash your equipement every time – bacteria grow easily.

  6. Mark

    I have had my three stage cylinder for some months now and can honestly say that it has given me the most intense cock and ball pump pleasure ever and I say this as a pumper with 30 years experience. Built to Thickwall’s ever admirable standards of artisanal excellence, the sensations it delivers are mind blowing. With two valves, one for cock, the other for balls, it is possible to create a delicious interplay between both zones, switching the intensity of sensation between the two. I would recommend two trigger pumps for maximum pleasure power.
    The optimum lube is, in my experience either K or J lube along with the occasional gobbet of saliva to add an organic edge to your pump play! This eradicates the threat of blisters which the use of any and all oil based lubes can, as I know to my cost (ouch!) painfully deliver. I’ve never felt so sore or such a dickhead! Nor will I now ever again.
    For the ultimate turn on, I would recommend simultaneous nipple and rosebud pumping. Yum!
    My balls have never felt so loaded but remain easy to slip in and out so long as they are coated with lashings of lube. No worries about entrapment or a trip to A and E!
    The procurement process was a pleasure as ever. Steve’s service was prompt, efficient, kind and caring, ensuring I got exactly the right fit for my package.
    If you haven’t tried the three stage cylinder yet, you have some eyewatering pleasures in prospect.

    • Steven Lunniss

      Thanks Mark, you’re very kind and generous with your praise!

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