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WE SHIP ACROSS THE GLOBE! All cylinders are hand finished to order and usually take 2-3 working days to make. Please make sure you follow the advice on sizing on the MEASURING page on the menu above. All sizes are to the nearest 1/4 inch but metric sizes are exact. WE ARE ALWAYS HAPPY TO HELP IF YOU NEED SOME ADVICE!

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Standard penis pump cylinders are great for pumping your length and girth. Larger  cylinders can be used to pump both cock and balls.

All our penis enlargement cylinders are expertly hand-machined in durable acrylic. The opening is curved for comfort and the 1/4 inch (6mm) thick lucite wall magnifies slightly so they look great! We feel the added weight also adds to the pleasurable sensation.

Please consult our measuring guide to ensure you order the correct size. If you cannot find the size you are looking for please contact us.

Alternately visit our Special Requests section for more to see how we can manufacture bespoke/custom vacuum cylinders to your specification.  We would recommend this cylinder for both customers who are experienced in pumping, and beginners. Pumps are sold separately or check out our starter kits including pumps and cylinders. If you already have a pump, you will need a compatible connector. Our push/fit connectors are the same size as almost all leading brands.

We think our penis pump cylinders are very comfortable but for those that want them, we also sell silicone comfort sleeves or cushions.

All our cylinders come with  push/fit connectors. You can disconnect from the pump and the cylinder will maintain the vacuum. Cylinders come with a cylinder connector, but if you are using your own pump you will need some hose and a pump connector.

37 reviews for Standard Penis Pump Enlargement Cylinder

  1. Harri Kerola (verified owner)

    5 stars for this Standard Cylinder (order 576) -Harri- 🙂

  2. Erand

    I love my thickwall tube.i have only ever had a thick walled tube and have to say it’s been fantastic. I have seen some in tube length gains over the last 6 months.What I discovered is the power of water in the cylinder thickwall.with faster results from a vacuum.confide your company.who purchased from a company that does not regret…

  3. tony (verified owner)

    what I ordered arrived on time and did the job very well already I can see some results and I only have it a week I give it five stars all the way both for service and satisfaction

  4. lawry (verified owner)

    Superb item, heavyweight, delivered in 72 hours, no nonsense, no fuss.
    5 stars

  5. Matthew Jackson (verified owner)

    Excellent service and quality. Packaging is discrete. The construction is solid with great attention to detail. Thickwall was recommended on several forums I visited as I was researching my purchase. When several American guys recommended this over US-based competitors’ products, it grabbed my attention. Now I have received it, I can only echo this… you will not find any better product. Full stop.

  6. tony (verified owner)

    me again have my gear for three weeks now and can see huge gains looks massive in underwear and in tight jeans would recommend to anyone would give it 10 out of 10

  7. John (verified owner)

    These products are great. I have used a variety of cylinders and I find these the best by far. In addition, the service is fast and friendly – there is a personal touch which is very different to most on-line vendors.

  8. Ben

    Just received my set and i love it! Looks great and works perfect also very good quality. Even though i stressed Steve a bit , he is very friendly and helpful ! A friend recomended this and im happy i listened to him , i also recommend it

  9. Graham

    I love Thickwall products and keep returning again and again to buy more. Having bought other products I can say from experience that Thickwall products are simply the best!

  10. Gior (verified owner)

    Excellent service very good product and happy customer!

  11. Greg (verified owner)

    Cylinder is clearly high quality and Steve was very helpful in answering all of my questions about getting setup. Recommended.

  12. Dan

    Such amazing quality to the cylinder, obviously made with love and devotion to the craft!

    I was so impressed I’ve since bought other cylinders for pumping other bits and Steve is always super helpful and nice.

  13. Paul

    Thanks for the cylinder, it’s great. Excellent quality, feel and accuracy of use.

  14. Axel (verified owner)

    Hi There,
    Yesterday mine 3 1/2 inch clinder with “Large Flexible Cylinder Sleeve ” has come. Of course I have immediately tried out both together.
    And I can say only, it works great!!!! No Hotspots. Very comfortably and pleasantly with pump.
    Excellent service very good product and I`m happy customer.

  15. MARTIN (verified owner)

    Thank you so much,very well made ,the second tube iv’e had from you the best service you can buy.
    Regards Martin.

  16. Victor (verified owner)

    I received my cylinder on time and in perfect conditions. It works as well as the first I purchased and it is always a pleasure to use them in my pumping session. Thank you for such a quality!

  17. Ben (verified owner)

    I was very impressed with the quality of service provided by thickwall, any questions I had were promptly answered. The product speaks for itself, superb quality and workmanship. Thank you

  18. Bru (verified owner)

    This product is amazingly well made. Any questions I had were answered pleasantly and the main guy himself is wonderful to talk to. The tube is ridiculously comfortable, the suction is just… friggin’ amazing and the seal is nearly effortless. Even the connector at the top of the cylinder works really well. I’ve had some awful pumps over the years and this blows even my best one out of the water. Expect more orders from me, good sir!

  19. Damon (verified owner)

    Excellent product: great quality. More than that, Steve offers a very personal, professional service. I can’t recommend Thickwall enough. Thanks, Steve!

  20. Izzy (verified owner)

    Very sturdy and clean cylinder. It is a nice weight, not so heavy that wearing it around the house is impractical, but heavy enough to make it durable. I really like the easy-lock system at the top, very simple to use. I use it with or without the silicon sleeve, both work well. Good looking and good working cylinder.

  21. Craig

    Excellent product, works well and the high quality of the cylinder is impressive.
    Also great communication from owner and fast delivery.

  22. Dave

    Looks and feels top quality. I get a great seal and vacuum with just a tiny amount of lube around the rim and it’s also very comfortable. Happy customer 🙂

  23. Michael from Munich (verified owner)

    Thanks for your great service – I particularly liked the personal after sale service and advice.

  24. Anthony

    Great personal service from Steve. Any communication was dealt with promptly and the product is just amazing. The quality of build and materials used are first class. They are not cheap, but I’ve bought many inferior products that lasted months and broke. These will last for ever and they work. The vacuum created is the best I’ve ever encountered. I’m about to purchase my third different type of cylinder and will keep coming back for anything new Steve comes up with. Many thanks for a truly great product and service.

  25. VPT

    First time owner of 2″ Standard & Pump, all I can say is ” OMFG ” what device for have’in Fun Fun, Great workmanship on both, look’in to buy other cylinders, thanks too FetLife for the knowledge of this a great Company.

  26. Steve Thatcher (verified owner)

    I have made several purchase from Thick wall and have always had good service and can always skype me stevebutt69 for pump buddy

  27. Dave Roberts

    Received my 3rd cylinder from Steve @ Thickwall this morning, all within the last 2 months.Again more than pleased with the product and service from him.Package and postage is excellent. Wont be my last purchase from Thickwall.

  28. Darrell

    Excellent product fantastic to use thank guys love it

  29. gershi

    I ordered the 2-inch-tube as a starter set. Arrived quickly in Germany. Excellent product quality, works like a charm. This is what my cock needed.

  30. gershi (verified owner)

    I couldn´t resist buying the largest Cylinder too for pumping cock and balls at the same time. And, no surprise, I love this tube too. Superb quality and great results. Highly recommended.

  31. David Wise (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality cylinder which is already helping me so I have no hesitation in recommending Thickwall Cylinders to anybody considering using this item. I cannot rate your customer service highly enough, your fairness regarding your sales, and that little personal note on my invoices which makes you feel that your custom is truly appreciated. Fantastic company, Steve, and thank you for being there to help us all who have bought products from you. In an ideal world, the next step for novice pumpers would be a personal visit to instruct us fully ! – only joking, or am I ????
    Thank you

  32. mir

    Really great service from Steve, I cannot recommend this product enough, very helpful in advising me to decide which cylinder is best. Like I said easy to reach out to and ask for help regarding sizes so you get the best fit. Cylinder is bar none! really nice quality with an excellent finish all around. Will know where to buy the next size up when I need it! Thank you!

  33. David (verified owner)

    Just received my 3.5×10 and my 2×10 cylinders and couldn’t be happier. Packaging was discreet as always and arrived quicker than I was expecting. These are of exceptional quality and are the best on the market that I have sampled so far. I can’t stress how good these cylinders are and how good they look. Mine are displayed on show in my bathroom for all to see. Keep up the good work guys. Cheers

  34. Porky (verified owner)

    the best pumping I’ve experienced. Tackle never looked so good….

  35. Porky (verified owner)

    great quality and service from Steve as usual; Pump is most comfortable; having fun pumping; my fatty is getting fatter. P

  36. Cam

    Top quality product! Incredibly comfortable and works perfectly! Slightly complicated order and Steve was absolutely wonderful and kept me informed throughout the entire process.

  37. Stefano Rindone (verified owner)

    They are best! Top quality, the best cylinder, very comfortable and so much fun! Thank you Steve!!!

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