Should you buy a standard or a deluxe or a standard cylinder with a seal?

Like most preferences, this is a matter of choice. Most pumpers say┬áthat a standard cylinder will work best for length. It presses more into the pubic bone and gives greater stretch. If you aren’t comfortable with that pressing into you, (slimmer guys often find this), the deluxe provides a wider surface area pressing against you. This reduces the pressure at any given point. A seal used on a standard cylinder is super comfortable. and can mean that you can pump for longer (although remember to cycle up and down the vacuum for good blood flow). They can last for years, but that depends on what lube you use and how well you wash and treat them. Both the deluxe and the standard cylinders used with a seal are more comfortable, but may not give the best stretch for length. But they probably mean you can pump for longer at any one session.

And at the moment, the deluxe doesn’t come with a seal.

So, its complex. You will have to weigh up your own priorities and take a stab at it.

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