Improved two stage cylinder for cock & balls

New improved two stage cylinder

How can we make our two stage cylinder for cock and balls better? I am always looking out for a way to improve our products and our service. For some time we have been selling a seal for those customers using our larger cylinders, who found them a little uncomfortable on the pelvic bone. These seals do the job well, but we have to buy them in from the USA and they are expensive, and to be honest, a right pain to import.

Some months ago, we started to make a new thickwalled penis cylinder with a flat flange, which we called our deluxe. that really has caught on, with many great comments from customers. This flat flange spreads the vacuum and removes the need for a comfort seal (for those that felt the need). Customers also report that it gives really great suction with maximum comfort.

Any then a customer emailed asking if I could do the same with a two stage cylinder. It’s funny when a solution is staring you in the face! I had been thinking about it, but had been holding back. Here was my guinea pig! And the feedback was good!

So now we have launched our new improved two stage cylinder with flange! So everyone gets maximum comfort with no need to spend extra for a seal. Whilst its a bit more time to make them, we have kept the price the same. We hope you’ll agree that our two stage cylinder for vacuum pumping cock and balls is now even better value.

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